Windows Installation

Widows Installation help


Download the Livedrive installation file from this link and save it to your desktop.

Double click the installation file and begin the installation process.

If your computer doesn’t have the Visual C++ pack already installed then you may be asked to install it. Don’t worry though this is perfectly normal.

Once the Visual C++ installation is complete the installer will automatically start the LiveDrive install process.

On the screen below please enter your email address you used to register with us and the password you setup. This information is contained within your welcome email.

This screen tells the LiveDrive system what machine you are installing the software on and what machine you are attempting to backup. It automatically defaults to your computers name however you can change this to something else if you want.

Select the folders you wish to back up. If you wish to back up a folder that is not listed in this screen then click ‘Add Folder’ and you will be able to browse to your folders location and add it into the backup schedule.

If you have forgotten to add a folder or file for backup you can add these in at anytime simply by right clicking on the file/folder and selecting the Livedrive option in the menu like below.

That’s it your are all done, your computer will now start to back up your files to your live drive account in the back ground.

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