Stream your movies and music to you mobile or tablet

In this wonderful world of technology everything is accessible everywhere as long as you have the time, data allowance and funds to do so. Music, Games , Movies and apps are all available for you at the touch of a button.

But then you hit the point where your mobile can’t hold much more and you have to start deleting things to fit new stuff in. Annoying isn’t it! But imagine if you will, that you can access your entire hard drive from your mobile and have access to all of your music, all of your files and all of your movies at the touch of a button. Well I say imagine when really all you need is to have either an online cloud backup directbackup.   One of the best uses of directbackup unlimited online backup is that once you have backed up a file you can access it anywhere, files can be easily viewed and streamed to your mobile or tablet using our mobile backup access app. This means you can easily listen to music or watch your backed up videos anywhere.   Users of devices like the iPad or Android tablets and smartphone can make use of the directbackup software that not only keeps all you files backed up, but is also accessible using our mobile this means all of your files can be accessed and streamed directly to your mobile from the cloud storage.   What does that mean in the long term? well it could mean the difference between spending an extra £100 on a mobile because it has more storage on it when you can instead get the cheaper option because everything you need is already accessible. So when you think about it we can save you money in the long term.

Our favorite part of the directbackup is the ability to watch movies on the go, so when I get stuck on a train for an extraordinary amount of time I can just pick out something to watch. Generally I will watch a few episodes of Doctor Who or Red Dwarf but the choice I have is limited only by what I enjoy.   Now be honest, if you had the option of complete access to all of your files whenever you needed them wherever you are in the world compared to a limited amount of files depending on your backup or online storage. Which would you rather have?   Prices start at £2.95 per month for 1TB storage you must agree, that this is a great deal.

You can download the smartphone apps now.

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