– How much does directbackup cost?

There are various backup packages available starting from as little as £29.99 per year. You can view our full range of packages here.

– What is the difference between directbackup and other conventional backup systems?

directbackup offers important advantages over other consumer backup methods:

  • The long-term storage at most affordable prices
  • File access from many devices connected to the internet, including smartphone and tablet pc’s
  • Backup many computers (depending on account type)

In this way we provide a complete service that is closest to your needs.

– How can I access my data?

You can access your data from any computer with a web browser and an internet connection, or install our app for access to your files on smart phones.

– How often is the backup made?

This is totally up to you; you can tailor the backup frequency to meet your needs, as often as every hour if required

– How does directbackup Cloud Backup work?

directbackup software allows every file on your computer to be saved through your internet connection. You can view them from any location connected to the web. You can save every type of file: photographs, documents, music, etc. After the initial setup backup occurs in a continuous manner and without user intervention. The program also keeps track of every change made to the files. The data is saved on a remote server with restricted access.

– I have deleted or modified a file. Can I recover it?

yes, you can recover a deleted file up to 30 days after you deleted it. We also keep the last 30 versions of any file. Simply restore the file or complete folder.

– What if my computer crashes?

How can I recover my data? Install out restore program to restore the data you need. You can restore the data to any computer with access to the internet.

– What can I save?

Anything you like.

– What happens if the connection is interrupted?

If the connect is interrupted directbackup pauses, but remembers the progress of the backup and continues from that point when the internet connection is restored.

– I have an office network. Can I install directbackup?

Yes, we have packages aimed directly for businesses and home users.

– I connect through a proxy server. Can I use directbackup?

Yes, backup via a proxy server is supported

– How can I purchase directbackup?

Sign up from our website www.directbackup.net

– Will my backup be safe?

100% safe and secure, all stored in the UK Your online files are encrypted with military grade AES-256 encryption to keep them safe. All of our servers are located in the UK so that your data is always close at hand

– Is there an iPhone or iPad app for directbackup?

Yes, with this app you can access all your backed up data from your ios device with our dedicated app available in the app store.


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