Pro briefcase service launched


directbackup is pleased to announce that we have launched our briefcase  file hosting service. Our brifcase packages also bundle the very successful unlimited data backup service along with cloud storage, file synchronisation and file sharing!
With the Plus package your Pc’s get a new virtual drive, you simply save files into this drive and they are automatically synchronised to all your computers, be it Windows or Mac OS. You can even give read only access to folders within this drive to family, friends or co-workers so they can view your files. There is no limitation to file type, share whatever you like, movies, music or even complete iso images.
So how do we compare to the rest of the cloud storage market? We are currently 90% cheaper than dropbox and apple iCloud.

Service Annual Cost for 512GB
Apple iCloud £463
Dropbox £330
Google Drive £198
Microsoft sky drive £165
directbackup Plus £40

*Prices correct with market rate 19-03-2013

Check yourself, compare the rest and you will come back to find us a lot cheaper. But please note, our storage figures are quoted in GB and not MB like a lot of our competitors.

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